Venetian Smalti SLUB PIA6


VENETIAN SMALTI slab (Made in Italy)

Uncut smalti slab, entirely made by hand in the traditional method

Typology: Venetian smalti

Category: FINI

Cut: irregular round slab (diameter: approx. 10/20 cm / weight: approx. 300/800 gr)


Colour: GREEN  SHADES (see the picture)

Weight: gr. 220

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Opaque smalti slab made of molten glass combined with other elements, such as silica, calcium carbonate, and even pure gold. The fusion of different ingredients allows the creation of various typologies of smalti: ordinary, fine, special, imperial, flesh, extra flesh etc.

Use: realization of artistic and decorative mosaics, as well as surface coverings.
The use of apposite nippers or hammer with widia cutters and hardy is highly recommended for the cutting.

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